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Dining at Hung Drawn & Quartered

Located virtually in the shadows of one of London’s most famous landmarks, Hung Drawn & Quartered could only ever serve authentic capital cuisine. And so it is that London’s favourite dish - pie and mash - forms the cornerstone of our blissfully traditional menu.

Freshly baked in the kitchen every day (right down to making our own fresh pastry), our pies are among the very best in the city - packed with delicious flavour combinations like steak and ale (Fuller’s, of course), and our signature pork and apple.

It’s a tough choice, but one you don’t even have to make thanks to our tempting tasting board - a collection of three mini pies served with a trio of ales to try.

Not a pie person? There’s still a host of other traditional dishes for you to choose from, all cooked from fresh, seasonal ingredients by Head Chef Tomasz Cwiekala and his expert team.  We have light lunches, sandwiches - and of course, there’s our ales to enjoy too…

We take taste personally

Fuller's Kitchen"Every dish is a signature dish"

In our Fuller’s Kitchen, we take taste personally. That means our talented chef team have seasonal, local produce delivered every day. It also means they have the freedom to put their stamp on every dish, and it is why you will see Head Chef Tomasz Cwiekala's signature on every menu.

Learn more about the passion behind Fuller’s Kitchen.

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Food Times

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